Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol Interview Questions Answers

Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol Interview Questions and Answers
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Now I have updated it with answer, Please let me know if you have any doubt, or you have other questions, you can also contribute by any question asked during any FINANCIAL INFORMATION EXCHANGE (FIX)  protocol interview.

FIX Protocol Interview Question and Answers

What do you mean by Warrant?
Warrant is a financial product which gives right to holder to Buy or Sell underlying financial security, its similar to option with some differences e.g. Warrants are normally issued by banks while options are primarily traded in exchange.

Common issue on financial information exchange (FIX) Connectivity

FIX Protocol Session Connectivity
Hi guys, in this post I would like to share my experience with financial information exchange (FIX) Connections which is essential to setup FIX connectivity for trading purposes. Financial information exchange (FIX) Connections used in both Client Connectivity and Exchange connectivity space (in case exchange supports financial information exchange (FIX) Protocol or you are connecting to any broker via FINANCIAL INFORMATION EXCHANGE (FIX) Protocol).

FIX protocol and fix messaging interview questions

FIX (financial information exchange) protocol is the global protocol used for Electronic trading of different asset classes e.g Equity, Fixed Income FX (foreign exchange) , Derivatives Futures and Options and its knowledge is essential to understand Electronic trading and FIX messages. I have listed some of the very common but informative questions asked in fix protocol interview question, this list is by no means complete and only contains questions on top of my mind, I would encourage reader to post any question they have been asked and I will include on this list, Please feel free to ask any other question related to FIX (financial information exchange) protocol I would be happy to answer those. FIX messaging is a term used to describe communication using FIX protocol.

Interview question asked on Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol

Here are some of the common questions asked on any  FIX (financial information exchange)  protocol or financial interview , these questions are just some on top of my mind please add any other questions you have faced in your financial interview position , I would add them in list.

·         What is an Exchange?
·         What is the difference between a Stock and a Bond?
·         What is the difference between Sell Orders and Short Sell Orders?
·         What is naked short and what is covered short?
What is the difference between an ECN and an exchange?
·         What is limit order?
·         What is a market order?
·         What is a stop or stop loss order?